Our House: The Capitol Play Project

Our House: The Capitol Play Project was performed live at Minnesota’s State Capitol January 19-28, 2018.

The story was created with and performed by, a cross-section of the capitol’s community—from politicians and staffers to civil servants, building maintenance crews, security, lobbyists, researchers, reporters, and citizens who come to the capitol to advocate. Behind the doors, beyond the politics, into the heart of a place that is defined by governance, but driven by the people who work there every day.

We’re happy to share the Capitol Play Project script with you. Feel free to download, share, and enjoy for free: THE CAPITOL PLAY PROJECT 2018 full script. Please contact us if you wish to use the script or any part of it in public.

”When a wild card new Governor is elected, the regular order on the state Capitol campus is thrown into chaos. While a chorus of activists, legislators, lobbyists, civil servants, and tour guides attempt to get their way, an idealistic new employee finds herself at the center of an unexpected controversy. Misunderstandings and mistaken identity lead to a crash course in the realities that both constrain and inspire the men and women who have devoted themselves to public service (inside a building brimming with idealism, cynicism, absurdity, significance, and power—plus more than a few old ghosts who have something to say).”

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Photos by Lindsay Marcy

Performers (♦ denotes Capitol community member):

Megan Kim Anderson

Ginger Commodore♦

Ann Daly♦

Andy Dawkins♦

Gabrielle Dominique

Rachel English♦

Cindy Farrell♦

Pedro Juan Fonseca

Frank Kohlasch♦

Ariel Leaf

Margie O’Loughlin♦

Alex Pouliot♦

Oogie Pushetonequa

Michael Quadrozzi♦

Ned Rousmaniere♦

Mark Shepard♦

Adam Whisner

David Zander♦

Creative and Production:

Alan Berks, Co-Writer, Co-Director

Leah Cooper, Co-Writer, Co-Director

Becky Dale, Composer and Lyricist

Leah Nelson, Choreographer

Kari Olk, Stage Manager

Tracy Swenson. Assistant Stage Manager

Sarah Meister, Assistant Director

Elizabeth Grambsch, Vocal Coach


Heidi Eckwall, Lighting Designer

Andrea Gross, Costume Design

Zeb Hults, Scenic Designer, Technical Director

Peter Morrow, Sound Design and Engineer

Abbee Warmboe, Prop Designer