Performers (♦ denotes Capitol community member):

Megan Kim Anderson

Ginger Commodore♦

Ann Daly♦

Andy Dawkins♦

Gabrielle Dominique

Rachel English♦

Cindy Farrell♦

Pedro Juan Fonseca

Frank Kohlasch♦

Ariel Leaf

Margie O’Loughlin♦

Alex Pouliot♦

Oogie Pushetonequa

Michael Quadrozzi♦

Ned Rousmaniere♦

Mark Shepard♦

Adam Whisner

David Zander♦

Creative and Production:

Alan Berks, Co-Writer, Co-Director

Leah Cooper, Co-Writer, Co-Director

Becky Dale, Composer and Lyricist

Leah Nelson, Choreographer

Kari Olk, Stage Manager

Tracy Swenson. Assistant Stage Manager

Sarah Meister, Assistant Director

Elizabeth Grambsch, Vocal Coach


Heidi Eckwall, Lighting Designer

Andrea Gross, Costume Design

Zeb Hults, Scenic Designer, Technical Director

Peter Morrow, Sound Design and Engineer

Abbee Warmboe, Prop Designer


Performers (♦ denotes Adoption community member):

Nicole Wilder♦

Megan Kim Anderson♦

Sheree Froelich♦

Bill Bednarczyk♦

Adam Whisner♦

Susan Prause♦

Leah Prause♦

Nikki Abramson♦

Josiah Thompson

Kimberly Adelsman♦

Matthew Delaney♦

Leslie Brown♦

Ariel Leaf

Carolyn Levy♦

Erica Fields♦

Rande Tomas♦

Delinda “Oogie” Pushetonequa

Aimee Aase♦

Kimberly Michaels♦

Brad Kruse♦

Tyler Park Skone♦

Ariel Leaf

Stephen Rueff♦

Leif Wallin♦

Elizabeth Grambsch♦

ShaVunda Brown

Patience Fields♦

Susan Prause♦

Stephen Rueff♦

Jen Ankeny♦

Nicole Duxbury♦

Ashley Holmes♦

Dawn Tomlinson♦

Creative and Production:

Leah Cooper♦ and Alan Berks, Co-Director and Co-Writers

Aaron Gabriel, Composer

Tamara Ober, Movement Collaboration

Mindy Eschedor♦, Music Director

Deb Ervin♦, Stage Management

Tracy Swenson, Assistant Stage Management

Sarah Tan, Assistant to the Directors

The Band

Mindy Eschedor♦, Keyboard

Steve Grisdale, Percussion

Kimberly Michaels♦, Vocalist

Eric Solberg, Bass

Adam Whisner♦, Guitar

Samulnori Drummers

Tyler Park Skone♦

Dawn Tomlinson♦

Wablenica Song (Native Adoptee Healing Song)

Written and spoken by Jerry Dearly

Performed at the Gathering for Our Children and Returning Adoptees

Organized annually by Sandy White Hawk♦

The Designers and Crew

Andrea Gross, Costumes

Zeb Hults, Scenic

C. Andrew Mayer, Sound Design and Engineering

Mike Grogan, Lights

Sarah Salisbury, Properties

Morgan Groff and Tracy Swenson, Costume Assistance

Ariel Leaf, Lighting Assitance

Leslie O’Neill, Movement Assistance

Matt Earley, Mixed Blood Technical Director

ASL Interpreting: Krista Anderson, Katie Johnson and Sarah Brown

Audio Description: Laurie Pape Hadley

Videography: Ben McGinley♦

The Administrative Team

Community Engagement: Leah Cooper♦, Ellen Fenster, and Meghan Gunderson

Story Circle Support: Meghan Gunderson, Ariel Leaf, Adam Whisner♦

Marketing and Communications: Alan Berks and Deb Ervin♦

Graphic Design: Lindsay Marcy

Community Outreach and Box Office: Kaira Hogle

Evaluation and Lobby Displays: Ariel Leaf

Volunteer Coordination: Sarah Tan


By Luigi Pirandello

Adapted and Directed by Alan Berks

CAST (♦ denotes member of University of St. Thomas community)

Joe Wiener

Annika Wahlquist♦

Gregory Adam Hilleren

Sam Landman

Rachel Finch

Michael T. Brown

Paul LaNave

Adam Whisner

Sandra Struthers*

Kiara Jackson

Gabriel Murphy

Dana Lee Thompson

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association

Video appearances:

Bernard Armanda♦, Mujahid Asamari♦, Mashal Aljahdali♦, Christian Bardin, Laura Daly♦, Theo Langason, Lydia Sather♦, Abby Sunberg♦, and Alicen Zschokke♦


Jacob Miller, Stage Manager

Paul Moehring, Video Designer/Director

Zeb Hults, Scenic Designer

Andrea M. Gross, Costume Designer

Katharine Horowitz, Sound Designer/Composer

Jesse Cogswell,Light Designer

Sarah Salisbury, Properties Designer

Christopher Lutter-Gardella, Puppet Designer

Christian Bardin, Asst. Director

Tracy Swenson, Asst. Stage Manager

Deb Ervin, Company Manager

Leah Cooper, Co-Producer

Professors Amy Muse♦, University of St. Thomas liaison

Producing Staff at Park Square Theatre

Richard Cook, Artistic Director

Michael-jon Pease, CFRE, Executive Director

Rob Jensen, Technical Director

Ian Stoutenburgh, Assistant Technical Director

Megan West, Production Manager


Created by Wonderlust Productions, in collaboration with over 100 Minnesota veterans of U.S. military service, and in partnership with Mixed Blood Theatre.

Performers (♦ denotes military veteran):

Dawn Brodey

Matt Delaney♦

Roger Ezell♦

Lynn Fowler♦

Lorelei Giddings♦

William Hatton♦

Erik Hoover

Charles Jones♦

Diane Kinney♦

Naomi Ko

Ariel Leaf

Jay Mastrud♦

Nick Perlick♦

Joel Raney♦

Kirsten Stephens♦

Rande Tomas♦

Sam Verdeja♦

Maren Ward

Adam Whisner

Joe Wiener



Leah Cooper, Director

Alan Berks, Script Advisor

Aaron Gabriel, Composer

Tamara Ober, Choreographer

Meghan Gunderson, Assistant Director

Laura Thaisen, Stage Manager

John Bueche, Set Design

Wu Chen Khoo, Lighting Design

Annie Cadie, Costume Design

Wendell Bell, Sound Design

Sean McArdle, Sarah Salisbury, Props Design

Ariel Leaf, Community Liaison

Producing Staff:

Jack Reuler, Mixed Blood Artistic Director

Jamil Jude, Producer

Julia Gallagher, Production Manager

Amanda White Thietje, Managing Director

Brie Jonna, Outreach & Marketing

Jill Michaelree, Outreach & Development

Fabiola Roman, Audience Services