• It needs to be said, again and again
    Dear Wonderlust friends, partners, collaborators, colleagues, and audience: As artists who create with communities, we believe in the power of people to work across difference to make the future better. But, first, we need to see the present clearly.
  • Introducing “Lessons in Isolation” (hard-earned wisdom from people who know isolation)
    In mid-February, we began working with our cast of community members who have been affected by incarceration. Former inmates and corrections officers, family members of people who are incarcerated, Department of Corrections staff, and restorative justice advocates were all getting to know each other and preparing to make a unique new play about the experiences and effects of the incarceration system in our world.
  • Let us share wisdom with each other.
    In the midst of uncertainty, we’re heartened to see examples of small and large kindness among friends and strangers. We know a little bit about healthy communities; they’re created by people working together on a common goal.