It needs to be said, again and again

Dear Wonderlust friends, partners, collaborators, colleagues, and audience:

As artists who create with communities, we believe in the power of people to work across difference to make the future better.

But, first, we need to see the present clearly.

The murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers is more than a tragedy; it is horrifying, unjust, and yet another in a long and pervasive history of this kind of brutality in our country and in our community.

Too many of us have looked away for too long as officers and other authorities with the power to destroy peoples’ lives have disproportionately targeted and hurt communities of color. Too many of us have sold our consciences for comfort, remaining ignorant and complacent because it has benefited us to do so. Too many of us have hoped that if we don’t know what is being done in the name of “public safety”, then we can’t be held responsible for it.

Wonderlust is committed to the principle that our shared responsibility for a healthy community calls us to work for justice for George Floyd, racial equity, and a better future for all of us.

While we believe that all stories are valuable, now is the time to listen to the stories here in our community that have been ignored, dismissed, disbelieved and silenced—sometimes violently silenced.

Wonderlust promises to follow the lead of the brilliant individuals and organizations that have been working for decades on these issues. We hope you’ll also follow the links and organizations that we have been turning to right now, listed below.

And we vow to continue to use our own resources to support and amplify the voices of those who have suffered the most from inequity, injustice, and systemic racism.


Alan, Leah, Becky, Gabby, Megan, Zeb, Ariel, Kari, Oogie, and Adam
Wonderlust Productions

How to begin to help

Resources to Support Minneapolis Protests (a google doc filled with resources, updated regularly)
University Rebuild (an effort by wonderful theater folks to help rebuild BIPoC businesses)
George Floyd Memorial Fund

To learn

Anti-Racism Resources (another google doc intended to serve as an education resource for white people and parents to deepen anti-racism work)

To follow leaders already working on this

Black Lives Matter
Black Visions Collective
Reclaim the Block
Racial Justice Network
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Communities United Against Police Brutality
Showing Up for Racial Justice—Twin Cities