What is community-based theater?
Community-driven theater is a growing practice that brings together a community’s authentic experience with professional artists’ craft, in a collaboration that creates a transformative community event. Wonderlust uses this model with Minnesota’s talented theater community and rich diversity of citizens to create theater that truly invites everyone in, to forge new ways of seeing our common experiences, to transform the past into a better future.

Neither amateur theater, social service nor therapy, our work is a collaboration of shared learning and purpose, between people with great stories and an ensemble of artists. The goal is to build bridges within and between diverse groups, amplify unheard stories, and transform our understanding of each other through illuminating, cathartic performance.

How much are tickets?
It is important to Wonderlust that cost of admission is no barrier to audience attendance. Ticket prices vary from show to show, and always include discounts and Pay-What-You-Can performances.

Do you have accommodations for those with mobility challenges or those who require assisted listening devices?
We promise that all of our shows are fully accessible to people with mobility impairment. We also provide ASL interpreting and audio description to select performances of each project.

Where are the performances?
Each project is performed in a new location. See detailed information about where the show is, how to get there, and where to park, on the ticket page for the show you’d like to see.

How do I get involved with Wonderlust Productions?
Stay up to date on everything we are doing and how you can get involved by subscribing to our newsletter (over in the upper right corner of this here web site). We are grateful to invite volunteer support of our productions. Opportunities vary depending on what we are working on. Contact us to discuss it! Professional actors are invited to audition for each of projects through invitations or announcements on MinnesotaPlaylist.com. Community members specific to each project are invited to share their stories, participate in workshops, and audition to perform as well. We work with community outreach partners to extend invitations to community members as well as post opportunities here on our Web site.

I heard about your show too late and now I want to see it? Is there a video of it? Will you publish the script?
We are so grateful that people want to share and see more of In My Heart: The Adoption Play Project, Our House: The Capitol Play Project, and all the work we do. We are thinking about ways in which we can help impact more people with the play, including converting In My Heart into a graphic novel and Our House into a podcast.

The nature of live theater, however, is that it’s at its best when it’s live. Also, work like this, which is driven by community input and onstage performance, is at its best and most authentic when it’s fully staged by the original community cast. Remounting the entire show has significant logistical and financial challenges. Sharing a video is such a limited version of the experience as to be no more than a souvenir really, and there are copyright considerations as well. At Wonderlust, our primary mission is to keep making new plays with different communities. We also care about continuing our relationship with past communities we’ve collaborated with, and leveraging the work we’ve done with them. But our values around the quality of the artistic experience make sharing a past live production challenging. We continue to give this question a lot of thought and are working on ways to share our work more widely in the future.

You can read the full scripts to both the Adoption Play Project and The Veterans Play Project here. Email us if you would like to see the Capitol Play, Look Again: The Normandale Play Project, or our adaptation of Six Characters in Search of an Author.

I still have questions!
Contact us and let’s talk!
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