Past Shows

Wonderlust Productions is the merger of two companies, Alan Berks & Company and Footprints Collective, ensemble-based companies led by Alan Berks and Leah Cooper respectively, accomplished directors, writers, producers, and administrators in the Twin Cities.

Prior productions include:

Inspired by stories gathered from over a hundred Minnesota military veterans, this new play tells the story of veterans and civilians living in the fictional small Midwest town of Smedley. The stories of newrecruits, veterans, and advocates from all conflicts and on all sides weave together as the residents of Smedley face the dilemma of how to honor the memory of those who have served in their community. Performed by a talented cast of 22 actors and musicians, including 15 military veterans.

As The Maze, a Big Brother-type “reality” television show, gets ready for their big live finale, the house is invaded by a mysterious, uninvited family of characters who insist that they aren’t people at all but actual characters sprung to life from the imagination of an author. In front of the cameras and the live audience, the cast and crew wrestle with what is really real vs. what is true and how to transform their life stories into art and …

In My Heart: the Adoption Play Project

Alice and Lewis are engaged!

Join the celebration as their parents meet for the first time, Alice’s sister Jen returns from Korea for the occasion, and a bundle of buried secrets from throughout the adoption community climb up the rabbit hole and demand to be revealed. You don’t have to …

When a wild card new Governor is elected, the regular order on the state Capitol campus is thrown into chaos. While a chorus of activists, legislators, lobbyists, civil servants, and tour guides attempt to get their way, an idealistic new employee finds herself at the center of an unexpected controversy. Misunderstandings and mistaken identity lead to a crash course in the realities that both constrain and inspire the men and women who have devoted themselves to public service (inside a building brimming with …

The stars of the Normandale Play Project

Deeqa is homesick. Cameron is heartsick. Deshun insists that he isn’t afraid, and Anna wants to prove that she has a brain. Can they conquer the witch they’ll face in the magical world inside Normandale? Based on true stories from members of the Normandale community, and told as an epic adventure with music, movement, and theatre magic – Look Again: The Normandale Play Project follows Deeqa and her friends on a challenging journey toward their future.

Megan and Adam work with Eden Prairie Schools kids for the yearly kick-off event.

University of St. Thomas invited us to campus to explore the “Common Good” through interviews, story circles, and workshops culminating in a performance in the Anderson Recreation Center starring eight students and company member Adam Whisner.

Eden Prairie Schools invited us to collaborate with students, faculty and staff to make and perform a play about Eden Prairie Schools at the district-wide kickoff event. Company members Adam and Megan had awesome co-stars in these amazing students.